Our mission is to guide people
through fitness and nutrition, to an improved quality of life.




Guaranteed Fitness Plus is exactly the gym you need,
at precisely the moment when you need it.

"As experienced personal trainers, we strive to help you get into shape, stay in shape, train for athletic events, etc. We work you from head to toe every single workout, and each workout is different. No boredom with repeated workouts."

In business for seven years, Rick and Jayne Cornelius have crafted a training experience that is perfect for all ages and schedules. Fitness, nutrition and compassionate support are the cornerstone of a GFP training plan with this husband and wife team. With one plan to choose from and a common goal of a healthier, new you, you can only get better, stronger and more confident each day. It's that simple. Call us for a tour today and to see if this is the gym for you. 559-972-6879